History -

  • Root trust was established in 2005 by Shirly Charles
  • Starting her life journey at 18 she started working for organizations/NGOS's concerned with the social upliftment of street children
  • When she had quit her job after five years poor children used to contact her for helping them and she decided to renew her journey through this trust

2008 - 2018 (the past decade)

1996 - 2008 (Formational and Founding Years)

The Root was started by Mrs. Shirley Charles. Prior to starting her own trust, she worked in an NGO by name Mottukkal which work for street and run-away children. Because of her commitment and love towards the children in the street and her frequent visit as well, Mrs. Shirley gained the love and confidence of children and the people in her field of work. She abandoned the work because she did it as part time job to pay her university fees. So at the completion of her studies and also due to various commitments arising from marriage, she was bound to quit the NGO. Yet the children kept calling her for help and guidance even after explaining them that she was no more part of Mottukkal. Left with no other option in certain critical situations of some children, she had to seek the help from her close friends and her well-wishers at least to rescue the person in difficulty. The pathetic life-situations of people and on the other hand, the generosity of people who are ready to share even from the least of their earnings, impelled her to gather her courage and confidence to serve these people in great and urgent need. Finally, in 2005, she registered the Root trust to bring up the standard of children and women who are down-trodden and oppressed under various unjust socio-economical structures. Many volunteers came forward to help her out in this task. Ms. Lourdu Mary joined as co-trustee along with Ms. Shirley. Three years later, she found herself unable to contribute actively to the trust activities due to old-age. So presently, Mrs. Shirley alone takes care of the activities of the trust in an efficient manner.