From Volunteers

P. Praveen Kumar

As a intern I got to work under an organization namely Root Trust, which exclusively works for the children education. My 15 days experience working with Mrs. Shirley Charles, is a life time experience. This is my first internship and I have learnt a lot under her able guidance. She is a Motherly figure to all the street children at her place. The love and affection she gets shows her goodness. She spends most of her time for the kids. My experience on field work with mam is a great learning experience. I got to see a well disciplined study center for children which is maintained by mam for school drop outs of the lower class people. She also took more inactive for the students who suffered from latest Gaja Cyclone. I haven’t seen a person who is so dedication and sincerity in her work. I have learnt that I need to inculcate the dedication, sincerity and hard working nature of Mrs. Shirley Charles to see good results in my career.

G. Pramila Devi

I am studied MSW. I visited many NGO 's and Trust. In those side people's are poor in everything but they are having all facilities like house, food, work, government welfare systems are having this slum like perumbakkam area.
Now I am in ROOT TRUST , I visited sindharipet slum area. In first, I think all slum women's and children are having same but my view is wrong in sindharipet.
In this area ( sindharipet) having more than children and women. Normally slum children are poor in education but this children are having talent like sing, dance, sports, drums playing... Etc. They are studied well. In sindharipet all children go to school they are educated and talented but it cannot published. Chiledren are good in discipline than perumbakkam slum area children. It's mainly reason for this development is Root Trust.
Root Trust having the study 6 study centre in sindharipet so the children are very active and talented. In this area women's are willing to go job but there is no job for those particular people's. We are many Talent but no way to explore our Talents

From Supporters

Imran N

I had the good fortune to meet Shirly briefly a few months ago and felt inspired by the wonderful work she does. No effort of mine is enough to match her sincerity and dedication. I wish you all the best ma'am.